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Full text of "Henry County: From Its Formation in 1776 to the End of the Eighteenth Century, et seq. (Continued)"

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From its Formation in 1776 to the End of the Eighteenth 
Century, et seq. 

From the records of the clerks office, by C. B. Bryant, Martinsville, Va. 


1780. March. — William Tunstall, Esq., having resigned his office as 
county Lieutenant, Archilaus Hughes, Esq., Colo., is advanced to the 
said office & Abraham Penn, Esq'r, Lt. Colo , to the office of Colo, and 
James Lyon, Esq'r, to the office of Lieut. Colo. 

William Bartee made oath that he served as Sergeant under Capt. 
John Smith in the year 1760, who was under the command of H'bble 
Wm. Byrd, Esq. 

Matthew Small made oath that he served under Capt. Wm. Christian 
in the year 1760, who was under the command of the H'bble William 
Byrd, Esq'r. 

Noten Dickerson commissioned by the Governor as deputy surveyor, 
qualified as such. 

Thomas Smith appointed 1st Lieut., William Adams, 2d Lieut, and 
John Miller, Ensign, under Gapt. Haman Critz, Jr. 

The court doth rate the following Liquors, Diet, Lodging, Pasturage, 
Stablage, &c, viz: 

For good West India Rum p. gallon, - - - ^36. o. o. 

Whiskey p. ditto, - - - - - - 16. o. o. 

Dinner for each person (if hot), - - - - 1. 10. o. 

Breakfast for ditto ( if hot), - - - - 1. 4. o. 

Corn p. gallon, - - - - - . 1. 4. o. 

Oats the same, - - - - - - 1. 4. o. 

Lodging for each person, - - - - - o. 9. o. 

Common Rum p. gallon, - - - - - 20. o. o. 

Brandy p. gallon, - - - - - . 25. o. o. 

Stableage for each horse, - - - - - o. 6. o. 

Pasturage, - - - - - - - o. 6. o. 

Fodder p. bundle, - - - - - - o. 3. o. 

George Waller, John Salmon, & Henry Lyne, Esqrs., appointed to 
let the building of the courthouse to lowest bidder. 

Ordered that the former sheriff pay to John Cox, Clerk, Ninety 
pounds to enable him to purchase Record Book. 

Isaac McDonald made oath that he served as a soldier under Majr. 


John McNeel, in the year 1762, who was under the command of Col. 
Adam Stephens. 

Samuel Allen made oath that he served as a Captain under Colo. 
Wiser & Colo. Byrd in the year 1760. 

John Acuff made oath he served as a Sergeant under Capt. Robert 
Munford in the year 1763 who was under command of Colo. Wm. Byrd. 

Marvel Nash made oath that Thomas Earls served as a Sergeant in 
Capt. Gists company, in Colo. Byrd's regiment in the year 1760. 

Marvel Nash made oath that he served as Sergeant under Capt. Gunn 
in Colo. Byrd's regiment in the year 1763. 

Moses Going made oath that he served as a Soldier under Capt. 
James Gunn in Colo. Byrd's regiment in the year 1760. 

Francis Pony made oath that he served in Colo. Stephen's regiment 
in the year 1762. 

|ohn Blagge made oath that he served as a Captain in Colo. Adam 
Stephens' regiment in the year 1762. 

Edgcomb Guilliams made oath that he served as Soldier under Capt. 
Nathl. Gist in Colo. Adam Stephens' regiment in the year 1762. 

Joseph Webster made oath that he served as a soldier under Capt. 
James Gunn in Colo. Byrd's regiment in the year 1760. 

Frederick Fitzgearold made oath that he served as soldier in Capt. 
William Preston's Company of Rangers in the year 1762. 

Amos Evans made oath that he served as a soldier under Capt. James 
Gunn in Colo. Byrd's regiment in the year 1760. 

James McCutchin made oath that he served as a soldier under Capt. 
John Blagge in Colo. Byrd's regiment in 1760. 

J oseph Bradberry made oath that he served as a soldier under Capt. 
John Lightfoot in Col. Byrd's regiment in the year 1760. 

By 1461 Tythables at 951b Tobacco p. poll. 138,834. 

1780, May — License is granted Reuben Payne to keep an ordinary. 

|ohn Dillard is appointed Commissioner of the tax in the room of 
George Waller, Esqr., who is ordered into the service. 

1780, June. — George Waller, Esqr., is appointed Major in the room 
of James Lyon, Esqr. 

John Fontaine, Esqr., is appointed Captain in the room of John Sal- 
mon, Esqr., who hath resigned. 

Henry Lyne, Esqr., being formerly appointed a Captain came into 
court and resigned the same. 

Thomas Bedford is appointed 1st Lieut, under Brice Martin, John 
Barksdill 2d Lieut., John Redd Ensign. 

James Poteett is appointed Captain in the room of George Hairston 
who hath resigned. 

George Hairston is appointed Captain in the room of George Waller 
who is appointed Major. 


David Barton is appointed ist Lieut., Daniel Ross 2d Lieut. & 
Gideon Smith Ensign under Owen Rubel. 

John Fontaine, George Hairston, James Cowden, Owen Rubel, James 
Poteett, & Thomas Haile produced their commissions as Captains & 
took the oath. 

Thomas Bedford, Joshua Barton & John Turner, ist Licuts.; John 
Barksdale, 2d Lieul., & John Redd, Ensign, produced their commis- 
sions and took the oath. 

1780, July. — Bailey Carter made oath that he served as a soldier in 
Colo. Adam Stephens' campaign in the year 1762. 

William Taylor made oath that he served as a soldier under Thomas 
Fleming in Gen'l Forbers's camphain in the year 1758. 

John Dillard is appointed captain in the room of Capt. James Shelton. 
George Taylor, 1st lieut.; William Taylor, 2d lieut., & James Spencer, 

John Rentfro is appointed captain of the upper part of Captain Haile's 
company; Thomas Jones, 1st lieut.; Joshua Rentfro, 2d lieut, & Wil- 
liam Standefer, ensign. 

Joseph Jones is appointed 1st Lieut., Luke Standefor 2d Lieut., & 
William Manifee Ensign under Capt. Thomas Haile. 

Archalaus Hughes, Esq., County Lieutenant, resigned, & Abraham 
Penn, Colonel, is recommended in his room, 

178.4, Jan'y. — Robert Hairston produced a commission from his Ex- 
cellency Thomas Nelson, Jr., appointing him Sheriff of this county, and 
took the oath, and George Hairston, Peter Hairston & Samuel Hairs- 
ton qualified as his under sheriffs. 

Michael Dillingham having taken the oath of Fidelity, and producing 
a recommendation from the Baptist Society is licensed to solemnize 

Isaac Donelson arraigned on a charge of High Treason and admitted 
to bail. 

1782, Feb'y. — Patrick Henry, Esq., produced a certificate from under 
the hands of the Com'r for 960 pounds Beef, which is ordered to be 
certified. Also a certificate from under the hand of Lieut. Carter, on 
his march to York in Sept'r, for one Hogg valued at 30s. in specie, & 
one bushel corn & meal. Also a certificate from Peter Scales for 16 
Diets furnished for 12 delinquents & 4 guards, dated Sept., 1781. 

Abraham Franklin produced proof that while he was in the State's 
service he had a horse taken by an officer in Colo. White's Com. of 
light Dragoons, worth fifteen pounds in specie. 

Matthew Wells, a certificate from Elijah King, a Lieut, in Colo. 
Washington's Dragoons, that he had impressed ahorse into the service, 
worth Fifty pounds in specie. 
John Wells, a certificate from Peter Hairston, a Captain, that he im- 



pressed a horse when ordered out against an Insurrection of the Tories 
in Oct., 1780, worth fifteen pounds in specie. 

Reuben Tarrants, from same, in said service a horse worth twelve 
pounds in specie. 

Stephen Heard, from Elijah King, Lieut, in Colo. Washington's light 
Dragoons, a horse 3-4 blooded and worth one hundred & thirty 
pounds in specie. 

John Short, from Wm. Read, surgeon, a horse worth twenty pounds 
in specie. 

Peter Gearheart, from Col. Hugh Crockett, of Botetourt county, a 
mare for service in marching to the assistance of Gen'l Greene, worth 
twenty pounds in specie. 

Dennis O' Bryant that he furnished 300 pounds of nett Beef. 

Hainan Critz, Senr., for 575 pounds nett Beef, also for 13 Diets & 
Forage for 8 horses, also certificate from Geo. Hamilton Q'rmaster to 
the assistance of Genl. Greene for 17^ Bacon, also from Henry Lyne 
for 500 pounds nett Beef, also a certificate from John Latta a Commis- 
sary to Genl. Sumpter's Brigade of Wagons for 20 pounds of Bacon. 

Joseph Newman a certificate from John Rowland, Wagon Master to 
Wm McCraw, for 50 bundles Fodder on his way from Charlotte to 
Peytonsburg. (Peytonsburg was and is in Pittsylvania county, Va.) 

Kinney McKinsey from said Rowland for 10^4 bushels corn & 10 
pounds Bacon. 

Henry Jones allowed for 4 barrels corn & 27 pounds Bacon furnished 
the Continental Hospital at Col. Perkin's under direction of Dr. Brown, 
also for 250 pounds Beef. 

George Reynolds from Capt. Peter Hairston for 36K pounds Bacon 
while on the march to the assistance of Genl. Greene. 

Geo. Sandford io'/i ditto for ditto. 

Francis Cox 40 ditto for ditto. 

Robert Pedigo 25^ ditto for ditto. 

John Conway 18 ditto & Bushl. Corn for ditto. 

Reuben Nance 1 2 ditto for ditto. 

John Davis 17 ditto for ditto. 

Mary Tarrants 32 >£ ditto for ditto 

Peter Hairston for 900 weight of nett Beef. 

Isaac Donelson for 260 pounds ditto. 

John Briscoe for 350 ditto. 

Reuben Nance 250 ditto. 

Frances Cox is allowed 146 lbs. meal & 46 lb. Bacon furnished Phillip 
Roth musln to Col. Lee's legion of L. Dragoons, also 36^ Bushels corn 
to same. 

John Loyd is allowed for 10 Diets furnished Alexr. Crawford on his 
march with the militia from the Battle of Guilford Courthouse Home- 


VVtn. Stewart 45 Bushels Corn furnished the Hospital at Col. Perkin's 
under direction of Dr. Brown, also allowed for 8 diets for same. 

Henry Jones allowed 1 % Bushels meal furnished Capt. Alexander's 
company of Rockbridge county, on their return from Genl Green in 
March, 1781. 

Robert Pedigoe is allowed for 47 lbs. Bacon for the Hospital at 
Henry C'thouse under Doctr. Wm. Read. 

Joseph Bouldin is allowed for 21 Bushels Oats to McCraw's Brigade 
of wagons in Continental service. Also 7 Diets & 1 Peck corn & feed- 
ing 4 horses. Also for 175 pounds of Beef. 

Samuel Walker allowed for 325 lbs. Beef & yi Bush. Corn. Also 11 
lbs. Bacon for McCraw's Brigade of wagons in the Continental service. 
Also 20 Bushels corn & 20 lbs. Bacon for Genl. Sumter's Brigade of 
wagons under command of Col. Richard Hampton. 

1782, Feb'y. — Edmund Edwards, on certificate of Elisha Miller, Capt. 
in Continental service, for 1 y t bus. corn and forage for 4 horses. 

Thomas Edwards, on certificate of Bukett Nicholls, Forage Master 
to a Brigade of Wagons to Gen'l Green, for 2 Bushels Corn and y t 
bushel sifted meal. Also for 365 lbs. Beef, 3 pecks Corn, 12 bundles 
Fodder and 1 2 Dyatts to the Com'r of Provisions for this county. 

William Edwards, on certificate of George Carrington for 10 lbs. Ba- 
con for Lt. Col. Lee's Legion of horse. Also for Forage for one horse 
one night of Doct'r Elijah Gillet, of the General Hospital. 

Thomas Edwards is allowed for 10 Dyatts to Capt. Cartmill on his 
return from the Southward, also for 15 bundles Fodder and half bushel 

Robert Mason allowed for 315 lbs. Beef, also 2 Dyats and forage for 
2 horses to Zack'a. Wosby, of Col. Washington's Legion of Horse. 

Robert Holliday, for 20 lbs. Bacon to Col. Penn for use of militia of 
Henry county. 

Anthony Smith allowed ^4.12.6, specie, for mending and repairing 
27 Guns for use of the State. 

John Davis allowed £i(x>, specie, for a Wagon, Gun, 4 Horses, a 
saddle and three bells, impressed for the use of Gen'l Green's army. 
Also ^"48.2.0, specie, for 96 gallons and one quart of Brandy furnish 
Col. Otho H. Williams' light Infantry, per certificate of Benj'n Andrews. 
Also, /3.30 for 32 gallons Rum to William R. Davie's com. G'l in 
Gen'l Green's army. Also, 9 pounds specie for Horse impressed on 
the Cherokee Expedition commanded by Col. Christian. 

Wm. Swansonis allowed ,£1.8.0 for use of Horse 14 days, impressed 
in the Continental service — Lieut. Jenkins. 

Nathan Swanson, ^2.2.0 specie, for use of a Horse impressed in the 
Continental service — Capt. Conway. 

John Woodall, for 10 lbs. Bacon to Capt. Cowden. 

John Loyd, for 315 lbs. Beef to Com'r of Provisions. 


William Stewart, for 200 lbs. Beef, 2 Bushels Corn, 1 1 Dyats and Pas- 
turage for 45 head cattle furnished same. 

1782, March. — Thomas Hewlett is allowed for 4}^ Barrels Corn fur- 
nished William Campbell, Serg't to the General Hospital at Colo. Peter 
Perkins's — Doct'r Brown. 

Patrick Henry, Esq'r, allowed for 30 Bundles Fodder and 1% Bushels 
Corn to Maj'r Hamton, commanding Brigade of Wagons belonging to 
Gen'l Sumter. Also for 1 barrel Com furnished Lt. King, for Dragoon 
Horses belonging to Col Washington's Legion. Also for 164 Bushels 
Corn for the use of the Southern army under Gen'l Green, and Forage 
for 28 Horses for one night. 

Judith Carroll is allowed for 14J lbs. Bacon, 6 Bushels Corn and 220 
bundles Fodder furnished Geo. Carrington, Q. Master in Col. Lee's 
Legion of Horse. Also for 75 lbs. Bacon to the militia of this county, 
on their march to join Gen'l Green in March, 1781. 

Robert Woods is allowed for 23 Diats and Pasturage for 55 Horses 
furnished Capt. Heard, on his march to join Gen'l Sumner in North 
Carolina. Also for 35 Diats and Forage for 34 Horses to the said Heard 
on his return. 

Robert Woods is allowed for Pasturage for 66 Beeves 15 days. Also 
45 Diats and 36 Forages for horses. Also for 160 lbs. fresh Pork, 43 lbs. 
Bacon and three bushels Oats furnished Hospital at Henry Ct. House 
in March, 1781. 

Archibald Grayham, on certificate of Jesse Heard, Com'r of Pro- 
visions for the county, for 1,600 Beef, 1 bushel corn & 12 Diats furnished. 

Thomas Hewlett, on certificate of Robt. Wilson that he furnished him 
2 bushels corn for 4 wagon horses & 2 riding do employed in Continen- 
tal service. Also 20 gallons & 1 pint Whiskey. & 50 lbs. Bacon, for the 
use of the Southern Gen'l Hospital Win. Campbell, Serg't, Also for 
2}4 bushels corn for same. 

George Waller is allowed for 2 bushels Corn & 1 peck meal & 30 
bundles Fodder furnished Buckett Nicholls, belonging to Gen'l Green's 

Brigade of Waggons. Also for bushels corn for use of Continental 


Thomas Hewlett is allowed for 4 bushels Corn & 100 bundles Fodder 
for use of Teams & Horses conveying the Sick to the Hospital' at Henry 
Ct. house belonging to Gen'l Green's army. Also for 2 bushels & 1 
peck corn & Forage for Horses one night, furnished Lieut. Reynolds on 
his march to Gen'l Green's army. 

Marvell Nash for 18^ bushels Corn & 15 bundles Fodder for the 
Guard conveying the British Prisoners to Bedford county 

* 1780, August. — Robert Tate allowed ^45 for carrying, grinding & 
bolting 7 bbls corn for the use of the Militia ordered to the Southward. 

* This and the subsequent similar statements were made for the purpose of obtaining 
land bounties under the proclamation of the King of England, 1763. 


Frederick Reeves resigned as Captain & Tully Choice, Jr., is appointed 
Captain, Wm. Ryan, ist Lieut., Wm. Choice, 2d Lieut, & Thomas 
Prunty, Ensign. 

John Wells resigned as Captain & Peter Hairston appointed in his 
room, George Reynolds, ist Lieut., Matthew Wells, 2d Lieut., & John 
Conway, Ensign. 

1780, Sept. — Administration on estate of Wm. Letcher granted to Mrs. 
Elizabeth Letcher. (This is the Colonel Wm. Letcher murdered by 
Tories— first husband of the ancestress of Gen'l J. E. B. Stuart.) 

Austin Thomas resigned his office of Ensign. 

Mary Hickey granted license to keep an ordinary. 

The Court doth rate the following Liquors, Diet, Lodging, &c. : 

West India Rum, p. half pint, 20 Dollars; Common Rum, 12 Do.; 
Peach Brandy, 20 Do.; Apple Brandy, 12; Whiskey, 10 Do.; Lodging, 
6 Do.; Pasturage, 6 Do. 

1780, Oct. — Brice Martin is licensed to keep an ordinary at Ct. house. 
Mordecai Hord to keep an ordinary at his house. 

George Waller, Esq'r, appointed Commissioner of the Taxes. 

1781, March.— By 1,451 Tythables at 16 lbs. Tobacco pr. poll, 23,220. 
West India Rum, p. Jill, 13 Dollars; Common Ditto, 8 Dollars; Good 

Peach Brandy, p. Jill, 12 Dollars; Apple Brandy, 8 Dollars; Good Whis- 
key, 8 Do.; Dinner, if hott, 30 Do.; Do., if cold, 20 Do.; Corn, p. gal- 
lon, 15 Do.; Oats, p. Do., 15 Do.; Lodging for each person, 8 Do.; 
Pasturage for each Horse, 8 Dollars; Stablage & fodder for each Horse, 
8 Do.; & if Fodder alone, 2 Do. per bundle; Cyder, p. quart, 12 Dollars. 

Isaac McDonald is licensed to keep an ordinary. 

i78r, April. — Michael Rowland is licensed to keep an ordinary. 

John Barksdale is app'd ist Lieut., John Redd, 2d Lieut., & Christo- 
pher Owen, Ensign, in Capt. Brice Martin's Company. 

George Waller, Esq'r, app'd to purchase and Salt Beef for the use of 
the States, is allowed 660 pounds current money for purchasing and cur- 
ing twenty Beeves. 

The court proceeded to laying a Levy for the purchasing of a Wag- 
gon, Team, &c, for the use of the States, and are of opinion that ,£20,000 
be collected from the respective Tythable persons in this county, at 
£H- .V o. p. poll (/531 over.) 

1 781, June.— Abraham Penn produced a commission as Coroner of 
the County. 

William Rentfro, 2d Lieut, in Capt. Poteet's company. 

Joseph Jones, ist Lieut., Luke Standefor, 2d Lieut., Thomas Hill, 
Ensign, in Capt. Thomas Haile's company. 

Dinner, 40 Dollars; Breakfast, 40 Do.; Good Rum, p. Jill, 15 Do.; 
Brandy, 15 Do. pr. Jill. 

(Note. — Record from June, i78r, to Jan'y, 1782 seems to have been 

(to be continued)